16 January 2012

Mitt Romney Shows His Psychopathic Nature
with Economics of Ignorance

What do you suppose this man would do for the country if elected president? Hard to imagine that he would do anything other than serve himself and his cronies at the expense of the people. Read below what he has done, and realize that this has been going on since the 90s with thousands of companies under the influence of tamo-guna, the "mode of ignorance."  I explain the "modes of nature" or "consciousness determinants" in my book Spiritual Economics. Without understanding the worldview of the Bhagavad-gita, including the modes of nature and the demonic nature as described there one cannot fully understand what is taking place in the world today. For that and for understanding the spiritual dimensions of life please read the Bhagavad-gita.

Here's the story from Paul Drockton:

Newt Gingrich's "Super PAC" has just released its South Carolina surprise, and its a doozy. The documentary is called "When Mitt Romney Came to Town". It interviews real people accross the United States that lost their jobs and communities to Mitt Romney, corporate raider.

The film also demonstrates how Romney bankrupted 4 relatively large companies for fun and personal profit. It seems that he really does enjoy firing people. Romney is accused of running "pump and dump" schemes whereby:

1. Bain Capital takes over a company

2. Romney drastically cuts payroll (fires employees) to raise company profits and starves production.

3. Lehman rates the company as a "strong buy" and the stock surges.

4. Romney heavily leverages the company with debt to sell his and Bain's stock in the company at a ridiculous profit.

5. Once Romney and Bain milk the company for all its worth, the stock price collapses.

6. Since Romney ran a Hedge Fund, it is more than likely that he and Bain also made a fortune in Put Options on the company's declining stock.

In one example:

"KB Toys was purchased and taken private in 2000 by the leveraged buyout firm of Bain Capital for $305 million, Bain announced the purchase on Dec. 8th, 2000. Only $18 million of the purchase money was cash, the rest was borrowed against the assets of the company. Sixteen months after the buyout, Bain Capital paid itself $85 million in dividends in early 2002. Two years later, due to... its enormous debt, on January 14, 2004, K·B Toys filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection and closed 365 stores.

K·B closed 156 stores on November 8, 2007. The Gordon Brothers Group handled the liquidation of these stores. On February 9, 2009, K·B closed the remaining stores following the second bankruptcy filing in four years. In addition, K·B Toys' website was closed down.

The K·B Toys brand and related intangible assets were sold by Streambank LLC to Toys R Us on September 4, 2009 for a reported $2.1 Million." (Source)

This is such a good example of predatory economics--take a healthy profitable company and suck all of the money out of it that you can with dividends, likely rape the retirement funds of the employees, stiff those who held the stock by shorting it when you know it is going to collapse, and with then stiff creditors with chapter 11 proceedings. This is demonic behavior, and if the country elects this morally bankrupt scoundrel they will see him loot the entire country in the same way. 

07 January 2012

Acts of Kindness Observed After Japan's Earthquake

The spirit of giving of oneself is the mood of Spiritual Economics. Here are some stories of acts of kindness and giving in the aftermath of the Japanese earthquake. This is received from Kindness Daily -- an email that delivers featured stories from HelpOthers.org.

Love and Inspiration from Japan
January 5, 2012 - Posted by Bluebell
Below are the some of the heart warming anecdotes that I've witnessed and heard from others during the aftermath of the earthquake in Japan last year... 
In the supermarket, where items of all the shelves fell, people were picking up things so neatly together, and then quietly standing in line to buy food. Instead of creating panic and buying as much as needed, they bought as little as they needed.  I was proud to be a Japanese.

When I was walking home, for 4 hours, there was a lady holding a sign that said, "Please use our toilet."  They were opening their house for people to go to the restroom. It was hard not to tear up, when I saw the warmth of people.

At Disneyland, they were giving out candies. High school girls were taking so many so I was thinking, "What???"  But then the next minute, they ran to the children in the evacuation place and handed it to them. That was a sweet gesture.

My co-worker wanted to help somehow, even if it was just to one person.  So he wrote a sign: "If you're okay with motor cycle, I will drive you to your house."  He stood in the cold with that sign. And then I saw him take one gentleman home, all the way to Tokorozawa!  I was so moved. I felt like I wanted to help others too.

A high school boy was saved because he climbed up on top of the roof of a department store during the flood. The flood came so suddenly, that he just saw people below him, trying to frantically climb up the roof and being taken by the flood.  To help others, he kept filming them so their loved ones could see.  He still hasn't been able to reach his own parents but he says, "Its nobody's fault. There is no one to blame. We have to stay strong."

There is a lack of gas now and many gasoline stations are either closed or have very long lines. I got worried, since I was behind 15 cars. Finally, when it was my turn, the man smiled and said, "Because of this situation, we are only giving $30 worth gas per each person. Is that alright?"  "Of course its alright.  I'm just glad that we are all able to share," I said.  His smile gave me so much relief.

I saw a little boy thanking a public transit employee, saying, "Thank you so much for trying hard to run the train last night."  It brought tears to the employee's eyes, and mine.

A foreign friend told me that she was shocked to see a long queue form so neatly behind one public phone. Everyone waited patiently to use the phone even though they must have been so eager to call their families.

The traffic was horrible!! Only one car could move forward at a green light. But everyone was driving so calmly. During the 10 hour drive (which would only take 30 minutes normally) the only horns I heard was a horn of thank you. It was a fearful time -- but then again a time of warmth and it made me love Japan more.

Last night when I was walking home (since all traffic had stopped), I saw an old lady at a bakery shop giving out free bread.  Even at times like this, people were trying to find what they can do and it made my heart warm.

When I was waiting at the platform, so tired and exhausted, a homeless person came to us and gave us a cardboard to sit on.  Even though we usually ignore them in our daily life, they were ready to serve us.

Suntory (a juice company) is giving out free drinks, phone companies are  creating more wi-fi spots, 1,000,000 noodles were given by a food company, and everyone is trying to help the best way they can.  We, too, have to stand up and do our best.

In one area, when the electricity returned, peopel rejoiced.  And then someone yelled: "We got electricity because someone else probably conserved theirs!  Thank you so much to EVERYONE who saved electricity for us.  Thank you everyone!"
An old man at the evacuation shelter said, "What's going to happen now?"  And then a young high school boy sitting next to him said, "Don’t worry!  When we grow up, we will promise to fix it back!"  While saying this, he was rubbing the old man's back.

Through all of this, I felt hope. There is a bright future, on the other side of this crisis.

03 January 2012

Catherine Fitts' Approach Adds Sattva to the Economy

One of my favorite economic writers is Catherine Austin Fitts. She is a person who has both a very good grasp on how the economic system works, plus, a modicum of sattva-guna. The result is that she wants the economic system to work for the people. And it can. The problem is that those who presently control the economic system (as well as governments, the media, the military, universities, etc.) are not only mired in tamo-guna but are totally demonic—raksasas in the language of the Vedas, psychopaths in modern language. They care only for themselves at the expense of everyone else, which is becoming totally apparent to everyone these days, and this is the most fundamental problem the world faces today.

An excellent interview with Ms. Fitts by the Daily Bell was posted on their website the other day. In it she explains how the current system can be made to work better as well as how a shift to a gold currency, or gold-backed currency (which is touted by many these days) rather than being the panacea can actually create havoc since the available gold is held by very few people.

Below I have included some salient excerpts from the interview. If you are interested in how the economics of the world is working you will do well to read the entire interview found here. In it she repeatedly states that the necessary elements to make the system work are responsible, law-abiding people at the top. This underscores that what is needed to solve the economic problems and heal the world is sattva-guna, since the qualities she calls for are those brought by the influence of sattva-guna. The best (and only) way to increase the influence of sattva is the chanting of the Hare Krishna mahamantra: Hare Krishna, Hare Krishna, Krishna Krishna, Hare Hare, Hare Rama, Hare Rama, Rama Rama, Hare Hare. As more and more people take up the chanting of the holy names of God we will see His influence in this world and the desirable changes will be able to manifest. Remember: there will be No Solution Without a Spiritual Revolution!
Catherine Fitts: “I have had the opportunity to operate at high levels in Washington and Wall Street and have never met a person who did not function as if they were a prisoner of the system. Often, that ‘system’ did not permit them to function on a lawful basis [indicative of tamo-guna]. This implies highly centralized governance if this many people are functioning in an insecure, limited or unlawful way.

“The people who manage our financial system are also operating with significant double binds. This is what I try to describe with my red button story: In the summer of 2000, I asked a group of 100 people at a conference of spiritually committed people who would push a red button if it would immediately stop all narcotics trafficking in their neighborhood, city, state and country. Out of 100 people, 99 said they would not push such red button. [these are spiritually-committed people???] When surveyed, they said they did not want their mutual funds to go down if the U.S. financial system suddenly stopped attracting an estimated $500 billion - $1 trillion a year in global money laundering. They did not want their government checks jeopardized or their taxes raised because of resulting problems financing the federal government deficit. [Selfishness at the expense of others is due to the influence of tamo-guna.]

“So it is not appropriate to assume that the corruption is just at the top. Indeed, most citizens in the first world have been the economic beneficiary of what James Turk calls ‘the central banking-warfare model.’”
“When I look at a company, the first thing I look at is the quality, experience and networks of the people who govern, manage and own it. It is the same with the global financial system. Without high quality people who are free to govern in the best interests of all concerned or as stated by law, charter and contract [sattva-guna],  there are no solutions. Put excellent people in charge throughout society and I assure you they can run things remarkably well, even if forced to struggle with lousy currency systems.”
“We need to look at all these ideas through the prism of economic warfare. An eco-village can be a wonderful idea if the people who participate choose to create it and grow it well. However, that idea in the hands of the wrong people can be a design for labor camps...So be careful with monetary ideas....Otherwise interesting ideas can turn into weapons in the hands of those who do not have our best interests at heart. Again, one man's eco-village is another man's labor camp. One man's gold standard is another man's plan to reduce a population to a feudal state to his advantage.”
Daily Bell: Would markets be better off if they were MORE free and private watchdogs were allowed to take over from public ones?

Catherine Austin Fitts: Not necessarily. Again, we need to address the question, ‘Who is the breakaway civilization, what are their weaponry and surveillance systems and what systems will work successfully to shift their behavior in a positive manner?’ This, of course, leads to additional questions, such as, ‘What do they know that we do not know and how would we behave if we had that knowledge?’

Setting private watchdogs to regulate these guys is a bit like landing on Normandy Beach with a water pistol.

This enforcement question is one of the reasons I focus on the power of transparency combined with individual intention and action to bring positive change.
Daily Bell: What would be the result of more global centralization?

Catherine Austin Fitts: It would be more of the same – including increases in poverty, slavery and depopulation. Aaron Russo knew what he was talking about when he said warned us that these folks want spy chips in everyone and everything. [Aaron Russo’s revealing statements (for which he met an early death) are on YouTube, here.]
Daily Bell: What are some of the most important issues pertaining to free markets, in your opinion?

Catherine Austin Fitts: The most important issue is transparency. The second is integrity of contracts and agreements. [these both are the symptoms of sattva-guna. They cannot be had without sufficient sattva-guna in those who control the economic system.]
Daily Bell: What are the fundamental obstacles to recovery?

Catherine Austin Fitts: We are experiencing an ongoing financial coup d'├ętat that is centralizing power. Symptoms include an absence of transparency, deteriorating integrity of contracts and agreements, environmental deterioration, a "breakaway civilization" that appears "out of control." I would add to this the use of financial markets for warfare as opposed to facilitating the allocation of capital and trade. [all symptomatic of tamo-guna]

The ultimate codification of things like transparency and integrity of transactions is not the law; it is the culture [requiring sattva throughout the culture]. A variety of forces are systematically breaking down our physical health and our culture. That cultural corruption is the greatest obstacle. [indicative of the tamo-guna that pervades today’s culture]

Daily Bell: Is there a power elite that is trying to create one-world government? If so, is it succeeding?

Catherine Austin Fitts: Yes, there is a concerted effort to create a one-world government and evolve to a one-world currency. It has been succeeding. As the "financial coup d'├ętat" becomes more obvious, centralization is entering a critical stage as more and more people globally react negatively to the effort and related tactics.

And finally, One reader’s comment: “Very interesting article. When one sees what has been happening and is happening today, one can only ask: Is a monstrous evil running amok in the world?”

An astute conclusion. Why yes, there is.

My comments here will be more easily understood by reading my book “Lessons in Spiritual Economics from the Bhagavad-gita - Part 1 - Understanding and Solving the Economic Problem” available from the link on the front page of my website.

01 January 2012

New Year and a New Normal (Not)

Happy New Year! It’s 2012. I brought in the new year, as has been my long-standing habit, in bed asleep, or attempting to be so. This year in the holy city of Sri Rangam in South India. Very interestingly, Sri Rangam is the first city ever in which I have not been awakened by the loud reports of fireworks and other kinds of drunken revelry. Perhaps that is because Sri Rangam is a holy city in which many of the inhabitants wake between three and four in the morning to begin their daily worship. Or perhaps it is because I am getting into a very deep sleep!). It could be that there was no carrying-on or ka-booms because there is not much to celebrate. From my way of viewing things, 2012 is a year that will go down in infamy or be celebrated as the year that the world changed direction. Whatever it turns out to be will depend upon us and what we are going to do this year.

Given the nature of the current world situation it is a time when we will all do well not to remain in the illusion that everything is just fine, and whatever troubles there are just a temporary blip on the radar screen, and things will go back to “normal” in just a short time. The fact is that there is no normal anymore, or rather, we are going to have a new “normal,” and that is what we are going to write about this year. These are eventful times and we must recognize them and deal with them accordingly. The signs of a rising consciousness demonstrated by various manifestations of the gift economy certainly give us hope of a brighter tomorrow, and no doubt they will continue to manifest in a variety of ways. But there is a darker side to the picture that must be addressed if the future is not to be altogether most grim. This is not the time to be Pollyannas. It is my unpleasant task to call your attention to this reality and rally you to be part of the solution. I do hope that after a sentence like that you will keep reading. We have an important job to do. We have to save this world.

After the market crash and economic debacle of 2008 I made an analysis of the whys and wherefores of those events, which you can find here. If you haven’t read it let me encourage you to do so. There I report that the economic crash, far from being an unwanted play of uncontrollable market forces, was deliberately set up and the plug was very deliberately pulled. The next question I address there is why someone(s) would do such a thing and the purpose that they want to achieve by such actions. That was written now three years ago, and I am not happy to report that I was spon-on in my projections. Moreover, the agenda is being accelerated and there is no time to be wasted in dealing with this reality. When there is fire you ACT!
It is traditional to make predictions at the end of one year and beginning of the next. Very well, let us do so based on recent headlines:
  • Bill for basket of essentials soars 43 per cent in ten years
  • Enshrining the lies of the 1%—what chance does truth have, if Americans cannot cast off lies that directly steal money from their own pockets?
  • Now migrants flood OUT of Europe in search of jobs
  • Half of America In Poverty? The Facts Say It's True
  • Risks Cloud Outlook for Economy in 2012
  • 'Too late' to contain research into deadly bird flu strain
  • IMF warns that world risks sliding into a 1930s-style slump
  • Obama Gives the Thumbs-Up on Detention of Domestic Terror Suspect
  • Defense Bill Assures ‘descent into totalitarianism’
My predictions?
  • We will see a “united” Europe in the aftermath of the economic crisis (that’s what the crisis is for after all)
  • We will see Americans disenfranchised from what they thought their future was going to be (less medicare, social security, education...less everything)
  • We may well see the BIG economic crunch in America, but that is unlikely in an election year where they want the incumbent to return. Look for it just after the election.
  • We will see increasing job losses in America and Europe and decreasing standards of living
  • We will see decreasing health for Americans due to efforts of the health agencies
  • We will see increasing totalitarianism in America and American hegemony throughout the Middle East and the Pacific
  • Syria will be brought to tow and Assad overthrown, with continued harassment of Iran, possible war
  • As things continue to get worse people will take up the “love revolution” and make it a bigger and bigger Movement
Ok, the headlines are always dramatic to provoke us to read the newspaper, right? And perhaps I am just focusing on the more grim aspects of the news and there are certainly other things we can focus on, so why dwell on the negative? Because this is only the tip of the iceberg, and once we understand what is actually going on we will realize that there is a very sinister agenda afoot that we cannot afford to ignore. The fact is that there is a war going on, a war against the people of the world being waged by demonic forces. Star Wars is here, now. There are good guys and bad guys, and the bad guys are literally trying to destroy the good and innocent. They are doing it in broad daylight in such a way that most people are totally oblivious to the fact and they just continue on their merry way as if everything were normal. But there is a fight to be fought if the future is to be at all hopeful—a different kind of fight that will be one of violence, but of love. It will be a revolution, "Revolution" as Ron Paul’s people write it -- a spiritual revolution.

The fact is that there will be NO solution WITHOUT a Spiritual Revolution, one that we hope to ignite. We hope that you will join us and bring your friends to the fun. Every person is needed. Every person is wanted. Let's make the new year end on a happier note than it is starting by igniting the fire of Love.