01 January 2013

What the World Needs Now is Love

January 1, 2013

On this day, or the few days preceding it, it is customary to look back over the past year and note the highlights, as we see that there were many, both good and bad. Last year was spectacular in many ways with many new highs as well as many new lows. We celebrate the highs with appreciation of what many amazing people in this world are capable of accomplishing, giving us hope for not only more such individual highs, but highs for more people. Indeed, why not highs for everyone?

Alas the world seems not to be structured that way, at least not at this point. But that is what we all hope to change—to create a world that works for everyone. That is idea is one of the sub-themes of Spiritual Economics, and an idea that we believe is within reach—if—if enough people would find it in their heart to think likewise. After all, this world is only what all of us make it.

Yet, we must realistically admit that there are competing forces in this world who are totally focused on their own benefit, regardless of the costs to others, or even at the expense of others. But changing that fact will not be accomplished by marching in the streets demanding that others change, or creating destructive revolutions to violently throw the bastards out. That is unnecessary because we know how this universe functions. Rather, all that is necessary is that we ourselves change, and if enough of us will do so, we shall see the changes that we long for become manifest. Perhaps with a struggle, yes, not as a result of violence, but by the determined will of the few who have the greater interest in mind.

That is love, isn’t it? Isn’t that the spirit of the season? Thinking of, and giving to others? And that love is what the world needs now. Love can win. Love can conquer even more effectively than violence can. We simply need to know how to love, and if not, to learn how to love.

Love is a matter of the heart, an expression of the heart. Those whose hearts are free from anger, strife, pain, etc. are free to express love. But those whose hearts are wounded ask for love in the only way they know—in the way that they have learned—by striking out at others. This is wonderfully explained in a small book by Gerald Jampolsky, M.D., and in his book Jampolsky gives the simple formula for love to spread—letting go of fear—fear of pain, fear of alienation, fear of isolation, fear for survival, fear of the unknown, fear of whatever we think will do us harm, and all other real or unfounded fears.Once we let go of our fears we are then free to express our love. Not a selfish love, but genuine love for all of God's wonderful creation.

How can we do that? When others not burdened with fear extend themselves to us, so that we can feel secure enough to let go of our own fears, and trust. When others who have enough and are secure are willing to share what they have with those who haven’t enough; when those who have more ability use their strengths to care for those who have yet to develop their abilities (think: children, but adults as well); when those who have knowledge are willing to share their knowledge and wisdom with those who have yet to learn. When those who have an abundance of wealth share it with those in need.

However, in the manner in which our world is presently constructed all of this giving is a race against the poverty, ignorance, and dependence that the system itself creates. Better then, to have a fresh look at other ways to live in which abundance for all, and not poverty, is created. Ways in which knowledge for all, and not ignorance, is created. Ways in which happiness and satisfaction for all is created, instead of pain and dissatisfaction. Another world is possible, and the ways and means are before us. Let us make it our New Year’s resolution to change the world by changing our world and giving our gifts to others as far and wide as possible, remembering that by doing so we shall become rich at heart. That is the spirit of the season, and the spirit of Spiritual Economics.

Best Wishes, and may your New Year be happy and fulfilling, taking you further along your spiritual destiny
Dhanesvara Das