22 November 2010

Quantitative Easing Explained

So much grist for the mill and I haven't been able to get online for the past week. Sigh. Everybody and their brother is saying that QE2 will go the same way as QE1 -- destroying the world's economy. Well, the story doesn't change, only more chapters are added taking us to the conclusion we all know is coming. But I have already told you that. Didn't I? (I'll look in the previous posts and if I don't find it there I will post it again).

The following video explains in simple terms exactly what the Bernanke Fed is up to (and it ain't good)(but we already knew that, right?) Have a good laugh, and then maybe a good cry. After the emotions have passed and you want to figure out what to do, read my book "Spiritual Economics." It explains the source of our economic problems and their solution. No kidding!