12 July 2009

Spiritual Economics - The Karma-Free Gift Economy!

Spiritual Economics teaches a gift economy based on the teachings of the Bhagavad-gita. Work done for the satisfaction of God is a purely spiritual activity that is free from all karmic reaction. The results of such work are offered to the Lord for His pleasure and then distributed as a gift to others with no consideration of compensation. The work itself is its own reward, and because it is completely spiritual it gives the performer genuine happiness and satisfaction that cannot be gained in any type of material activity or sense gratification.

The Vedic literature teaches us that God has created this world in such a way that we can take care of the economic problem with very little effort. If we use the world according to His design it will function with full harmony and abundance for everyone. The simple fact is the more we deviate from the Lord's arrangement the more problems we introduce. This is why the modern world is such a mess. The easy solution to all the problems of life is to abide by the order of the Lord. In doing so we will not only be prosperous, but we will be happy as well. Learn more about Spiritual Economics and the gift economy from my website and books. Om Shanti