12 June 2009

Spiritual Economics Book Available Online

Spiritual Economics is Available Online

The first volume of my book on Spiritual Economics -- "Lessons in Spiritual Economics from the Bhagavad-gita - Part I - Understanding and Solving the Economic Problem" is finished and available as a pdf ebook from here

The book is written for those who are fed up with predator capitalism (or predator communism, or predator anything for that matter), who are tired of being robbed by their very own governments, have had it with the IMF, the World Bank, and all their hucksterism, and who are sick and tired of the way the modern world works and want to find a permanent solution. It explains what makes economic man tick, and with that insight explains THE solution to all economic problems. Beware: this is not an answer that most people want to hear! They think that they can have the kingdom of God without God, but sorry folks, that’s not gonna happen.

Spiritual Economics explains the varieties of man’s economic behavior according the gunas, or modes of material nature. Why does modern man engage in predator economics and vulture capitalism? Because his consciousness has become crippled by the mode of ignorance. Why does modern society encourage lust, envy and greed as though these were desirable qualities? Because of the influence of the mode of ignorance. Why does 1% of the population own 40% of the wealth in the world while 50% of the people own 2% of the wealth? Same reason.

The consciousness of modern man has become crippled by killing, intoxication, illicit sex and cheating (gambling), and the effects of these activities spill over into his economic affairs. Here’s a heads-up: LIFE IS INTEGRATED. WHAT WE DO IN ONE SPHERE OF ACTIVITY WILL AFFECT ALL OTHER SPHERES.

That being the case there is NO solution to our modern economic problems unless we clean up our consciousness. In the last chapter of the book I explain scientifically how this can be done.

Actually the book was finished almost a year ago -- last August -- then the economic crisis hit and I thought that I would add something about that. That was a bad decision. As you may recall, the crisis dragged on for months. During that time there was lots to read and muse on.

Finally in January I had written another entire chapter, more than 35 pages, but there was a problem. I couldn't use it. The conclusions were sinister and would bring a mood to the book that I didn't want. But in the process I had the opportunity to massage the the last chapter further and am much happier about it.

In the book I list this livejournal account as my blog, but there are some things that I don't like about Livejournal so I have got this blog going also. There are almost innumerable things to comment on in relationship to the ideas under the heading of Spiritual Economics, and many of these could be book length, so maybe they are not too appropriate for a blog. In that case I will get them loaded onto my website, which is www.spiritual-econ.info (soon to be spiritual-econ.com too). BTW, that is where you can look for that chapter that didn't make it. The title is "Economic Chernobyl - The Economic Crisis of 2008".